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Community leaders collaborating to reduce
suicide in Berks County through advocacy,
education, and the reduction of stigma
surrounding mental illness and suicide.
Our Mission
Feeling hopeless or depressed? Asking for help can be scary ... so we made it easy! Text ruOK to 484-816-ruOK (7865) RUOK Berks

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Berks County Suicide Prevention Task Force to save lives by eliminating suicide as well as actively working to reduce the stigma of mental illness in Berks County. Berks County will become a community that is compassionate and willing to embrace and support individuals who are affected by mental health concerns. The task force will accomplish these goals though education and advocacy to the community.

Save Lives

We will strive to save lives by assisting those in need with the resources to get help in a way that they feel comfortable.


We will offer support to those in need by offering effective useful resources in the Berks County community